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On 27 October 1967 The Abortion Act became law in the UK. This was brought in to stop doctors being prosecuted if ‘in good faith’ two doctors agreed that the physical or mental health of the woman or child is at risk. The actual killing of the unborn by abortion did not commence until 27 April 1968 as the NHS doctors needed to be trained by the ‘private’ doctors who had been carrying out the killing of unborn babies prior to the 1967 Abortion Act. Numbers of illegal abortions before then are unknown, but figures can only be given on those women who were admitted to hospital in need of help following an illegal abortion. The Abortion Act was introduced by David Steele on behalf of the Liberal Party. He is now Lord David Steele. Since The Abortion Act was introduced the numbers of children killed by abortion in the UK is over 8,500,000 (eight and a half million). An average of 500 babies are killed each day in the UK by abortion.  The UK now has ‘abortion on demand’.  Originally The Abortion Act was brought in to stop back street abortions being carried out, although many were done by private doctors for a fee. Now it has come to light that the Government accept that any woman seeking to kill her child by abortion need not even SEE a doctor let alone for the doctor to carry out the procedure. The UK is now back to women having abortions at home, in all probability, whilst they are alone. With Government Approval!!!!

The killing of unborn babies by abortion does not solve any problems – it only creates more. Anyone seeking ‘an abortion’ is in reality seeking to kill her unborn baby. A dead child is the expected result at the end of any abortion no matter how it is procured. And where there is a dead baby there is also a mother and a father of a dead baby. Our society has chosen to become mothers and fathers of dead children. Our doctors have chosen to become the means to this end. Our Governments since 1967 have endorsed this policy. Our Educators have promoted this to our youngsters as a responsible action.  Our Religious leaders have not spoken out against this outrage.

Today the killing of children by abortion is the most common operation in the world, but the least spoken about. The killing of unborn babies by abortion has personally affected one in three women with many now having more than one abortion in her lifetime. The whole of society is deeply damaged by what is taking place in our hospitals and private clinics. The only way to continue to live some semblance of life is to deny what is taking place. Anyone who doesn’t speak out against the killing of the unborn by abortion is both at the same time supporting it and in denial that it is happening.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.  Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

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